20 best books on virtue – 2023 reading list & recommendations

Are you on a quest to become a better person? Do you want to cultivate virtues that will enhance your character and lead you to a more fulfilling life? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the 20 best books about virtue that will inspire and guide you on your journey. Whether you’re seeking wisdom, courage, or compassion, these books are packed with timeless teachings and practical advice. So, grab a book on virtue and embark on a transformative reading experience!

The Power of Now

by Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now is a transformative book about the power of being present in the current moment. It offers profound insights on how to cultivate a deep sense of inner peace and fulfillment. With its timeless wisdom, this book is like a guiding light, illuminating the path towards living a life of virtue.

Man’s Search for Meaning

by Viktor E. Frankl

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl is an extraordinary book on virtue that delves into the depths of the human spirit. Frankl, a psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, shares his powerful insights and experiences in this profound book about virtue. Rather than focusing on the horrors of his time in concentration camps, Frankl explores the fundamental question of how we can find meaning and purpose in life, even in the face of unimaginable suffering.

This captivating virtue book challenges us to examine our own existence and contemplate the essence of being human. Frankl suggests that finding meaning in life is not contingent upon our circumstances, but rather, it is something that we can cultivate within ourselves. He argues that the pursuit of meaning is an inherent part of our nature, and by aligning our actions with our values and beliefs, we can discover a profound sense of purpose.

Frankl’s unique perspective as both a psychiatrist and a survivor of the Holocaust allows him to unravel the intricacies of the human psyche and offer valuable insights into the human condition. Through his personal anecdotes and professional expertise, he demonstrates that even in the midst of immense suffering, individuals have the power to choose their response to any given situation.

Man’s Search for Meaning is a thought-provoking and deeply philosophical exploration of the human spirit. It challenges us to reflect on our own lives and consider how we can find meaning and purpose in our own unique circumstances. This book about virtue serves as a reminder that no matter what challenges we may face, we have the ability to rise above them and find purpose in our lives.

The Four Agreements

by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements: A Path to Virtue

Are you searching for a book on virtue that will transform your life? Look no further than The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. This enlightening masterpiece will guide you on a journey toward personal freedom, happiness, and true fulfillment.

In this captivating book about virtue, Ruiz shares ancient Toltec wisdom, unveiling four powerful agreements that can revolutionize the way you live. These agreements serve as a roadmap to creating a life filled with love, authenticity, and inner peace.

So, what are these four agreements? Here’s a glimpse:

  1. Be impeccable with your word: By speaking with integrity, avoiding gossip, and using your words to spread positivity, you can cultivate trust, harmony, and deep connections with others.
  2. Don’t take anything personally: Free yourself from the burden of others’ opinions. Understand that people’s actions and words are a reflection of their own realities, not yours. By embracing this agreement, you can liberate yourself from needless suffering.
  3. Don’t make assumptions: Communication is key in any relationship. By asking questions, seeking clarity, and expressing your needs openly, you can prevent misunderstandings, conflicts, and unnecessary drama.
  4. Always do your best: Strive for excellence in everything you do, not for the sake of achievement, but to honor yourself. By giving your best effort, regardless of the outcome, you will experience the joy of personal growth and fulfillment.

Through these profound teachings, Ruiz invites you to transform your perception of the world and embrace a new way of being. By aligning your actions and thoughts with these agreements, you can break free from self-limiting beliefs and embrace the power of authentic living.

So, if you’re seeking a virtue book that will challenge your beliefs, expand your consciousness, and inspire lasting change, The Four Agreements is a must-read. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey toward personal freedom, happiness, and spiritual enlightenment.

The Alchemist

by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist – A Book on Virtue

The Alchemist

Discover the extraordinary journey of Santiago, a young shepherd boy who embarks on a quest for his personal legend in The Alchemist, a captivating book about virtue and self-discovery.

Written by Paulo Coelho, this timeless tale takes readers on a transformative adventure through the mystical world of alchemy, where Santiago learns that true happiness lies in following one’s dreams and embracing the interconnectedness of the universe.

Set in the exotic landscapes of ancient Egypt and the vibrant markets of Morocco, The Alchemist weaves together themes of courage, love, and destiny. Santiago encounters a series of enigmatic characters who guide him on his path, including an alchemist who teaches him the language of the soul and the secrets of the universe.

As Santiago navigates the challenges and tests placed before him, he comes to understand that the pursuit of one’s personal legend requires unwavering faith, perseverance, and the willingness to listen to one’s heart. This virtue book beautifully illustrates the power of intuition and the importance of embracing the unknown in order to fulfill our true purpose in life.

With its profound insights and poetic storytelling, The Alchemist has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. It serves as a reminder that each of us possesses the ability to transform our lives, if only we have the courage to pursue our dreams and believe in the magic that resides within us.

The Art of Happiness

by Dalai Lama XIV and Howard C. Cutler

The Art of Happiness is an extraordinary book on virtue that delves into the profound teachings of the Dalai Lama XIV and his discussions with psychiatrist Howard C. Cutler. This enlightening book about virtue takes readers on a journey to uncover the keys to living a truly fulfilling and meaningful life.

The Road Less Traveled

by M. Scott Peck

The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck is not just another book on virtue. It is a transformative journey into the depths of our souls, urging us to embrace the challenges and complexities of life with courage and wisdom. This remarkable book about virtue encourages us to navigate the less-traveled path, where true growth and fulfillment await.

The Book of Joy

by Dalai Lama XIV, Desmond Tutu, and Douglas Abrams

The Book of Joy is a remarkable collaboration between two spiritual giants, the Dalai Lama XIV and Desmond Tutu, as they embark on a journey to explore the essence of joy and the power of compassion. This profound book is not just another book on virtue or a book about virtue; it is a true virtue book, overflowing with wisdom, laughter, and profound insights.

The Wisdom of Sundays

by Oprah Winfrey

The Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah Winfrey is more than just a book on virtue – it’s a spiritual journey that will awaken your soul. In this enlightening masterpiece, Oprah shares the wisdom she has gained from countless conversations with some of the world’s most renowned thought leaders, spiritual teachers, and authors.

This captivating book about virtue is a collection of Oprah’s most profound insights, personal anecdotes, and transformative experiences. Through her conversations with visionaries like Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, and Brene Brown, Oprah delves into the depths of human existence, exploring the power of love, gratitude, forgiveness, and mindfulness.

Immerse yourself in the pages of this virtue book and you’ll discover that wisdom is not confined to any specific religion or belief system. It transcends boundaries and invites us all to explore the universal truths that connect us as human beings.

With Oprah’s signature warmth and authenticity, The Wisdom of Sundays guides us on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. It reminds us that we have the power to create a life filled with meaning, purpose, and joy. So, embark on this transformative journey and let the wisdom of Sundays awaken the virtuous spirit within you.

The Gifts of Imperfection

by Brené Brown

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown is a captivating book on virtue that challenges the conventional notion of what it means to live a wholehearted life. With her warm and relatable storytelling, Brown invites readers to embrace their imperfections and cultivate a sense of worthiness. This inspiring book about virtue encourages us to let go of the shackles of shame and perfectionism, and instead, embrace vulnerability, courage, and authenticity. Through her research and personal anecdotes, Brown reminds us that true belonging starts with accepting ourselves as we are, flaws and all. A must-read for anyone seeking a more fulfilling and meaningful life, The Gifts of Imperfection is a transformative virtue book that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

by Stephen R. Covey

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey is a remarkable book on virtue that is bound to transform your life in more ways than one. Drawing on timeless principles and wisdom, Covey presents a holistic approach to personal and professional success.

This book about virtue is not your typical self-help guide. Instead, Covey delves deep into the core values and principles that define our character and shape our destiny. He emphasizes the significance of living a life of integrity, honesty, and authenticity.

In this inspiring virtue book, Covey outlines seven habits that highly effective people cultivate to achieve greatness. These habits range from being proactive and setting clear goals to seeking first to understand before being understood and synergizing with others.

Covey skillfully weaves together anecdotes, personal experiences, and practical examples to illustrate how these habits can be applied in our daily lives. He encourages readers to take responsibility for their choices, develop a growth mindset, and become proactive architects of their own destiny.

Through this transformative journey, Covey challenges readers to align their actions with their values, develop meaningful relationships, and constantly strive for personal growth. His insights and principles have resonated with millions of people worldwide, making this book a timeless classic.

Whether you are seeking personal fulfillment, improved relationships, or professional success, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People offers a roadmap to unlock your true potential. It is a powerful guide that will empower you to live a life of purpose, meaning, and virtue.

The Little Book of Hygge

by Meik Wiking

The Little Book of Hygge: Embracing Coziness and Happiness

Welcome to the enchanting world of “The Little Book of Hygge” by Meik Wiking, a delightful and insightful book that explores the Danish concept of hygge. But what exactly is hygge? Think of it as the book on virtue you never knew you needed, as it unveils the secrets to finding warmth, comfort, and happiness in everyday moments.

Hygge, pronounced “hoo-gah,” is a Danish word that encompasses a feeling of contentment, coziness, and well-being. It’s a way of life, a mindset, and an art of creating joy in the simplest of things. In this book about virtue, Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, takes readers on a journey to discover the essence of hygge and how to incorporate it into their lives.

Through a combination of captivating stories, practical tips, and beautiful illustrations, Wiking explores various aspects of hygge, from creating a cozy atmosphere in your home to enjoying comforting food and drinks, cultivating meaningful relationships, and finding joy in nature. Each chapter of this virtue book offers valuable insights and inspiration, encouraging readers to slow down, savor the present moment, and embrace the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

Whether you’re curling up with a cup of tea, sharing a meal with loved ones, or enjoying a candlelit evening, “The Little Book of Hygge” will guide you towards a deeper appreciation of life’s little joys. It’s the perfect companion for anyone seeking to infuse their days with warmth, tranquility, and a touch of Danish magic.

So, grab a cozy blanket, light a few candles, and prepare to embark on a journey of hygge-inspired happiness. This enchanting book on virtue will remind you that true contentment lies not in grand achievements but in the simple, everyday moments that fill our lives with warmth and joy.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

by Mark Manson

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Discovering the Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Are you tired of reading self-help books that promise you happiness and success if you simply follow a set of rules? If so, then The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson is the book for you.

In this refreshing and unconventional book on living a fulfilling life, Manson challenges the conventional wisdom that we should all strive to be happy and positive all the time. Instead, he argues that we should focus on what truly matters to us and be selective about the things we care about.

Unlike any other book about virtue, Manson doesn’t advocate for mindlessly pursuing happiness or pretending that life is always sunshine and rainbows. Instead, he encourages readers to embrace their flaws and limitations, accepting that life will always have its fair share of problems and hardships.

Through a series of thought-provoking anecdotes and insightful observations, Manson guides readers on a journey of self-discovery. He challenges us to question our values and beliefs and to let go of the things that don’t truly matter in the grand scheme of things.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is not just another self-help book; it’s a wake-up call to reassess what we prioritize in life. It reminds us that true happiness and fulfillment come from embracing our struggles and finding meaning in the face of adversity.

If you’re looking for a virtue book with a raw and no-nonsense approach to life, then this is the perfect read for you. Mark Manson’s refreshing perspective will inspire you to let go of societal expectations and focus on what truly matters to you.

So, are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn the art of not giving a f*ck? Pick up a copy of this engaging and thought-provoking book today.

The Happiness Project

by Gretchen Rubin

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin is a captivating book on the pursuit of happiness and living a more fulfilling life. Through her personal experiences and expert research, Rubin embarks on a year-long journey to discover the secrets of happiness and shares her insights with readers. This book about virtue offers a refreshing perspective on how to cultivate happiness by focusing on various aspects of life, such as relationships, work, and leisure. Rubin’s storytelling style and relatable anecdotes make this virtue book an engaging and thought-provoking read. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your own happiness or simply curious about the concept, The Happiness Project is a must-read that will inspire you to live a life filled with more joy, purpose, and contentment.

The Power of Positive Thinking

by Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale is a remarkable book on virtue that will ignite the spark of optimism within you. This incredible masterpiece is not just any ordinary book about virtue; it is a life-transforming guide that unveils the immense power of positivity in shaping our destinies.

Peale, a renowned American minister and author, delves deep into the realms of the human mind and reveals the astonishing impact that positive thinking can have on our lives. With his captivating storytelling and practical wisdom, he teaches us how to harness the power of our thoughts to create a life filled with joy, success, and fulfillment.

This compelling virtue book provides readers with a comprehensive toolkit of techniques and strategies to overcome challenges, conquer self-doubt, and develop unwavering faith in our abilities. Peale’s powerful words will inspire you to believe in yourself, radiate confidence, and embrace a positive mindset that attracts abundance and prosperity.

Through real-life examples and inspiring anecdotes, Peale imparts invaluable lessons on resilience, gratitude, and the importance of maintaining a strong connection with a higher power. He illustrates how our thoughts and beliefs can shape our reality, urging us to adopt positive affirmations and banish negativity from our lives.

The Power of Positive Thinking is not just a book; it is a transformative experience that will empower you to unleash your full potential and live a life of purpose and fulfillment. So, grab a copy, immerse yourself in Peale’s timeless wisdom, and embark on a journey towards a brighter, happier, and more prosperous future!

The Art of Loving

by Erich Fromm

The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm is a captivating book on virtue that delves deep into the complexities of human connection and love. Fromm’s insightful exploration of love as an art challenges conventional notions and encourages readers to view love as a skill that can be learned and cultivated.

The Miracle Morning

by Hal Elrod

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is not just another book on virtue, it’s a game-changer that will revolutionize the way you approach your mornings and transform your life. This powerful book about virtue provides a simple yet profound method for maximizing your potential and achieving extraordinary results.

Elrod introduces the concept of the “Miracle Morning,” a morning routine that combines six powerful practices to kickstart your day and set you up for success. These practices include meditation, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and journaling. By dedicating just a few minutes to each of these activities every morning, you can supercharge your productivity, improve your mental and physical well-being, and cultivate a positive mindset.

What sets this virtue book apart is its practical approach and actionable steps. Elrod breaks down each practice, providing clear instructions and valuable insights on how to incorporate them into your daily routine. Additionally, he shares his own inspiring story of overcoming adversity and using the Miracle Morning to transform his life after a near-fatal car accident.

Whether you’re a high achiever looking to take your success to the next level or someone seeking a fresh start, The Miracle Morning is a must-read. It will teach you how to create a powerful morning routine that sets the tone for your entire day, allowing you to tap into your full potential and become the best version of yourself. Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity to embrace the power of mornings and unlock your true potential.

The Untethered Soul

by Michael A. Singer

The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer is a captivating book on the power of living a virtuous life. This profound exploration of the human spirit delves into the depths of our inner being, inviting us to embrace our true potential and break free from the limitations that hold us back.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

by Marie Kondo

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is not just any ordinary book about decluttering and organizing. It is a powerful book on the art of tidying, a book on the pursuit of order and harmony, a book on the quest for a life filled with serenity and joy. In other words, it is a book on virtue.

The Purpose Driven Life

by Rick Warren

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren is a captivating book about virtue that promises to guide you on a fulfilling journey of discovering your true purpose in life. With its insightful wisdom and thought-provoking lessons, this virtue book will inspire and challenge you to live a life of significance.

The 5 Love Languages

by Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman is a fascinating book on virtue that explores the various ways people give and receive love. Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or just want to understand your loved ones better, this book about virtue will provide valuable insights.

Chapman introduces the concept of love languages, which are the different ways individuals express and feel love. He identifies five primary love languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Each person has a primary love language that speaks to them the most, and understanding this language can greatly enhance relationships.

In this virtue book, Chapman explains how to identify your own love language as well as your partner’s or loved ones’. He provides practical advice on how to effectively communicate love in a way that resonates with each individual. By speaking the right love language, you can fill their emotional tank and make them feel cherished and appreciated.

What makes this book so compelling is that it goes beyond surface-level understanding of love and delves into the deeper aspects of human connection and fulfillment. Chapman emphasizes the importance of empathy, understanding, and selflessness when it comes to expressing love in someone’s language of virtue.

Whether you’re a wordsmith, a gift-giver, a quality time enthusiast, or a touchy-feely person, this book on virtue will help you navigate the complexities of love and relationships. By learning to speak the love language that resonates most with your loved ones, you can build stronger, more meaningful connections that stand the test of time.


In conclusion, these 20 books about virtue offer a treasure trove of wisdom, guidance, and inspiration for anyone seeking to cultivate their moral character. From ancient philosophical texts to modern self-help guides, these books cover a wide range of virtues such as courage, kindness, honesty, and resilience. Whether you’re looking to enhance your personal growth, strengthen your relationships, or navigate ethical dilemmas, these books are invaluable resources that will accompany you on your journey towards becoming a better person. So, dive into this collection and let these books be your trusted companions in the pursuit of virtue.